PPA: The solution

PPA – Switching to renewables will save companies from a loop of rising energy prices.

Psaier.energies takes an innovative approach and offers long-term electricity supply contracts – so-called “Green Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)” at fixed prices to industry and trade, possibly in combination with energy communities.

Lukas Edenhauser, one of the sales managers, is confident that this offering will become increasingly important in the future and develop as a green megatrend in renewable energy marketing.

In Europe, these long-term purchase agreements are already widespread, as more and more companies set themselves ambitious sustainability targets and therefore want to cover their energy needs mainly with renewable energy. The energy from a new photovoltaic system is purchased directly by the company at a fixed price, thus saving costs in the long term.

PPA contracts provide a reliable hedge against electricity price fluctuations for companies with large energy requirements and guarantee one thing above all: planning and price security.

“Only recently, we were able to conclude a long-term PPA contract with a medium-sized company in the food sector in the Eisack Valley region,” explains Lukas Edenhauser. “A WIN-WIN situation for all concerned: companies receive electricity from renewable energy sources at reliable prices, while plant operators can build their wind and photovoltaic parks beyond fixed feed-in tariffs, thus further promoting the expansion of renewable energies.”

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