Energy efficiency

The operation of factories, warehouses, hotels and office buildings requires a lot of energy. As never before, the government is promoting investments in energy efficiency with various support programmes, so that large parts of the expenses are covered. In addition, energy saving can reduce energy consumption and thus costs in addition to the subsidies. For buildings and hotels, reductions of up to 40% can be achieved. For industrial processes, the energy saving potential is on average around 30%. The optimisation of thermal production processes through waste heat utilisation and heat recovery is the main focus here, as are energy management and continuous monitoring. We support you in identifying cost drivers and in proactively saving unnecessary expenses by:

  • Energy Analysis

  • Project Management
    Applications for subsidies and financing

  • Continuous monitoring


  • Energy Analysis
  • Attachment of loggers for obtaining measurement series
  • Project Management
  • Applications for subsidies and financing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Energy audit
  • Innovative products

We survey the energy requirements (electricity, heat, cooling) and allocate them to the various areas, analyse operating and process parameters, check current contracts and conduct renegotiations with the various suppliers. We evaluate the energy consumption and draw up business plans for efficient solutions (heat recovery, heat pump, solar energy, CHP, biomass, ...)

We collect data with innovative measuring instruments and find sustainable solutions through specific analysis.

In the course of the implementation we take over the all-encompassing project management with a corresponding focus on quality, time and costs.

We analyse the framework conditions of the different funding possibilities and the different funding agencies for the specific intervention, determine the amount of funding and submit the necessary applications.

We support the continuous improvement of processes by integrating a monitoring system in order to save costs and resources in a targeted manner. We find the right solution for your application and take over the analysis and evaluation of the data with continuous reports.

We carry out energy diagnoses for companies with high energy consumption and for those who are periodically obliged to carry out such diagnoses under Legislative Decree 102/2014, in order to identify optimisation possibilities with the help of cost-benefit analyses.

  • Financing systems: contracting, assignment of funding
  • Monitoring system: Cost - Benefits Analyses, O&M, Beacon Technologies, Data Logger, RFID Technology
  • Heat recovery systems, energy generation plants, storage systems, measurement and control technology