Customers who buy products or services are crucial to the survival of any business.


Constant customer orientation puts their needs and requirements at the centre. Customer centricity is not just a sales or marketing concept, it is our corporate culture that encompasses all areas of the company and shapes all the actions of all company actors. The interconnected world offers companies new opportunities to act even more customer-centric.

We always assist you

Our strategic advice enables us to support numerous companies in their investments in Italy and Germany. We always pay attention to tax and accounting control.

We make sure that we are always up to date with what is required by the current legislation – in the field of electricity – as it is constantly change. We manage a complete package of 30 utilities in Southtyrol.

We observe and operate

Our mission is to always provide our customers with efficient and competitive products and services that meet the evolving needs of the energy industry. We place great importance on understanding the latest developments and trends and integrate them into our strategies to provide our customers with innovative solutions that help them succeed in a dynamic energy world. Our flexible and anticipatory approaches enable us to proactively address industry opportunities and challenges and provide sustainable growth opportunities for our clients.

PPAs, customers and GOs

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and hedging transactions: for companies with high energy needs, we offer reliable hedging options against electricity price fluctuations through customized PPAs and hedging strategies that guarantee fixed prices.
Our customers include property owners, facility operators, investors, energy suppliers, project developers, energy distributors, municipalities, industrial and commercial enterprises, real estate companies, tourism companies, and individuals.
We are listed on GO (guarantee of origin) trading platforms, which certify the origin of energy from renewable sources and actively promote the expansion and use of green energy. Our presence on these platforms underscores our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Our team of experts is characterised by in-depth expertise and many years of experience in the energy sector. We understand our clients’ individual requirements and develop customised solutions that effectively support their business goals.
With a clear focus on long-term partnerships and a sustainable energy mix, we strive to fulfil not only current but also future requirements of our customers.

Put your trust in Psaier.energies – your reliable partner for a successful energy future.

Together, let’s build something great.