Safety for your energy projects

The framework of power generation is increasingly becoming more complex and the administrative tasks for producers and distributors are ever increasing. Many years of experience enable us to perform all administrative tasks on your behalf and make sure that your plant meets all legal and regulatory requirements. For bigger plants we offer plant asset management services as well.

  • performance of administrative tasks

  • declarations to authorities and deadlines

  • information technology


  • For energy producers
  • For energy distributors
  • Declarations to authorities required by law
  • Consulting
  • Customs
  • Newsletters
  • Information technology

sale of power production to GSE including tariff control

invoicing and settlement, printing and sending invoices, distribution management, power purchase and sales

“AEEG”, “UTF”, “Terna”, “Cassa Conguaglio” etc.

on fees, current legal provisions, declarations and deadlines, plant sale and ownership transfer

electronic transmission of the energy consumption tax declaration and production register to the customs authority

information letters, reporting and personal talks 

metering management, grid management system