Provincial contributions for e-mobility

The Province of Bozen/Bolzano has introduced incentives for e-mobility, offering citizens, businesses, public bodies and associations the opportunity to benefit from contributions for the purchase of electric vehicles and charging stations. Read more

Incentives for agri-photovoltaics

The official text of the decree providing incentives for ‘innovative’ agri-photovoltaics under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is finally available. The measure, which was forwarded to Brussels in May, was approved by the European Commission in mid-November. Read more

New dispositions

Dso Information Report Project Omimum-Observability Measure Plants >1 Megawatt. With Resolution 540/2021/R/eel, ARERA defined the responsibilities for the development and maintenance of the technological solutions necessary for data exchange between Terna (TSO), distribution companies (DSO) and electricity production plants with a capacity equal to or greater than 1 MW (SGU Significant Grid User) connected or…

100 Top Companies in Southtyrol

As a leading international hydropower generation company and European producer of energy from renewable sources we are proud to present our latest achievement: Energy.dis by Psaier.energies is ranked 34th in the ranking of the 100 Top Companies in Southtyrol, presented by WIFO on, in the general category while for the Environment and Energy sector we are…

Green, smart & easy:

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Wind energy

To safeguard the climate and the autonomy of our energy system, we will have to rely increasingly on renewable energies in the future. This includes one of the oldest forms of energy generation: wind power. We accompany our customers and their wind energy projects through all processes: from development, planning and approval to execution, monitoring,…


With the help of the photovoltaic system, sunlight can be converted directly into electrical energy. The amount of solar energy radiated on earth exceeds our total daily consumption by 10,000 to 15,000 x. This technology is therefore undoubtedly one of the most environmentally friendly energy concepts of the present and future. As planners of large-scale…

Green energy – Go green

We are looking to the future of electric mobility and our main focus is to ensure a seamless driving experience with increasingly efficient charging stations. We are your partner in the field of e-mobility: both in the selection and installation of the appropriate charging station and in the handling of all administrative matters. We want…

Smart metering: Psaier 2G

Psaier.energies is a pioneer in the field of energy service providers. Since 2001, we have been reacting together to all changes in the industry and bringing together the potential: Technological innovation, new business models, fast processes – always looking for more efficiency. Our current challenge is Smart Metering2G. We have accepted it and are able…